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Frequently Asked Questions


FACSCOPE B is the 4X Bright-field microscope-based instrument.

After the sample is inserted into the device, autofocus is adjusted to detect the cell in the most suitable position. Next, the sample is moved to the designated location through the fully motorized stage, and the images are collected as if the camera is taking a picture. Finally, the collected images are analyzed, and the counting result is generated.

FACSCOPE B is a stand-alone device equipped with LCD touchscreen. The user can check the cell counting results and images on an LCD monitor in real-time without connecting to PC.

It is to increase accuracy by reducing pipetting errors and variations.

* Trypan blue (10µl): Cell sample (10µl) = 1: 1 mixing ratio

1 x 104 ~ 1 x 107 cells/mL
FACSCOPE Slide is a disposable hemocytometer for FACSCOPE automatic cell counter. To increase accuracy, it is highly recommended not to reuse after opening it.
We developed our own disposable hemocytometer called FACSCOPE Slide and only FACSCOPE Slide is suitable for FACSCOPE B.


FACSCOPE B has three main characteristics.

  • Accuracy: Since the counting volume of FACSCOPE B(Normal: 0.9µl and Precise: 3.6µl) is larger than that of other equipment(Generally 0.4~0.5µl), the accuracy of the result can be higher as well.
  • User-friendly: It provides three ‘Selective presets’ depending on the shape and size of the cells to be counted (Universal, Angular, Small).

3) Additional benefit: A report file (PDF) that shows the counting results can be saved in a USB memory.

For more details, please refer to the FACSCOPE B brochure or request for introduction.

Fluorescence (FL) and Brightfield (BR) cell counting has different advantages depending on the user’s research purpose and preference.

FL cell counting stains the nucleus of all cells, so the recognition of cell is clear. However, it is difficult to check the whole shape of the cell, because only the result that the white dot (Signal) is taken on the black background can be obtained. In addition, the price of fluorescence-based equipment and dyeing solution is relatively expensive.

BR cell counting observes the cells as if they were seen like a microscope and analyzes the designated location where the cells are located. Therefore, the user can check the shape of the cell with an image; compare and study the cell while actually viewing it. In addition, the cost of reagents and instruments based on brightfield is low.

FACSCOPE B is Brightfield based automatic cell counter.

3 user groups are available per device and 5 customized presets can be created per user group. Therefore, you can set a total of 15 customized presets (= 3 x 5) per device.

Please refer to the attached ‘FACSCOPE B Firmware Update Guide’ or download firmware in ‘Software’ section.

Yes, you can count PBMC and RBC with FACSCOPE B.

 PBMC is a peripheral blood mononuclear cell that is about 7-8µm in size and is relatively small compared to other 10-20µm sized mammalian cells. RBC (Red Blood Cell) is also as small as 6µm.

 The detection range of the cell size that FACSCOPE B can measure is 5 to 60µm. The size of PBMC and RBC is within the detection range of FACSCOPE B and also by selecting the “Small” preset among the selective presets(U: Universal, A: Angular, S: Small), the user can further increase the accuracy. However, it is difficult to count pure blood so please separate PBMC or RBC through blood cell separation such as Ficoll and proceed to count.

There are 3 user groups per device, and 1,000 counting data is stored for each user group. Therefore, the storage capacity per device is 3,000 CSV data. Please refer to the picture below. For more than 1,000 data, the old data will be deleted automatically.

Partially deleting in the device is not provided in order to guarantee the reliability of the data.

However, if necessary, the user can freely modify and delete the result data in Excel form after exporting CSV file from the device to PC using USB.

Yes, all images can be saved to USB along with PDF Report files.

However, when moving from the counting result screen to the home screen, the report and image data are not stored in the device but are deleted. Hence, if necessary, please save them from the counting result screen.

Yes, you can see it in the result histogram.

Log records are not provided. We recommend the user to record counting results with CSV data.

Please refer to the image and description below.


One year after product installation.

Free return & repair will be provided within the warranty period. However, if the product is damaged due to customer negligence during the warranty period, the return & repair fee will be charged. After the warranty is expired you will be charged for the return & repair.

In some cases, it can be easily resolved through a local agent or a Troubleshooting Guide, and parts or equipment will be replaced if necessary.

It has CE and FCC certification.

Local dealers will be provided IQ/OQ for free.

IQ / OQ for end-user is followed by the distributor’s regulation.

Yes, you can purchase standard bead with a charge.

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