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Product News: Looking for a compact microscope that works perfectly inside your CO2 incubator?

Introducing Curiosis’ automated live-cell imaging systems: The Celloger Series

Beginning with the early discoveries of microscopes in the 16th century, there has been an endless desire to peer into objects that cannot be seen or are difficult to see with the naked eye. The development of technology and the introduction of live-cell imaging has transformed the way researchers study cells, tissues, proteins, and other cellular interactions, and has become a basic analytical tool in the study of life sciences. Live-cell imaging is a method to examine living cells over a period of time using images acquired by time-lapse microscopy. Through this technique, dynamic cellular processes and events can be observed in real-time during experiments to study and understand the biological changes occurring within cells.

Capturing live-cell images manually is a challenging and tedious task requiring researchers to exert much effort and time to acquire satisfying results. Difficulties in maintaining a suitable environment for the live cells to grow as well as keeping precise time intervals and sample positions during image capture makes live-cell imaging tough work. To bring an end to these complexities, Curiosis has launched a new range of user-friendly automated live-cell imaging systems, the Celloger Series.

Each system suits different needs. Celloger Nano is the most compact system among the Celloger series and easily fits and functions perfectly within a standard CO2 system. Moreover, it is equipped with exceptional fluorescence and auto-focusing technology, a precise stage controller, and intuitive software. Celloger Mini is an automated live-cell imaging system based on bright-field microscopy with fully motorized stages. The system is compatible with various cell vessel types that users can choose from based on their research protocol and multi-position imaging is possible up to 96 wells. Celloger Mini Plus is equipped with advanced fluorescence and bright-field technology that provides the highest quality images and time-lapse videos. Various cell-based research workflows and applications such as wound healing assay, cell proliferation, cytotoxicity assay, confluency, and growth curve can be examined using this all-around system. 

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